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Thanks for joining us in 2020

As the team prepare to take a couple of days holiday, we got the chance to reflect on a crazy year for everyone. When we launched My Auto Shop in January, we certainly didn’t predict how the last 12 months would unfold, however we’re really stoked to be able to ride the roller coaster with […]

Is it a bird? A plane? Nope, just a Tesla Roadster.

Usually we see cars on our roads, but Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, had a very different idea. We’ve sent a lot of unusual things to space, but nothing compares to what Elon Musk achieved. In February 2018, SpaceX successfully launched its first Falcon Heavy rocket into space, the most powerful in […]

You can now book AA Auto Centres around NZ with My Auto Shop

Customers around NZ are now able to get the easy benefits of booking online, with transparent pricing and easy pick up & drop off options, at their local AA Auto Centre. Simply jump on the My Auto Shop website, enter your car details and look for the AA Auto Centre near you. You can get […]

Get Free Pick up and drop off from home

Despite Auckland’s sudden plunge back into alert level 3, we’re keen to make sure we keep moving forward. As the My Auto Shop mechanics are all still operating with contactless measures in place, we’ve got the perfect solution to get your car in their workshop, without having to leave your front door. Whilst you’re working […]

Kia ora hamilton!

At the start of January, a new service dubbed the ‘​UberEats for car repairs​’ launched quietly in Auckland. Just as they were gaining momentum, things quickly hit a wall as COVID-19 arrived on our shores. Since lockdown, they’ve grown quickly to a network of over 100 workshops around NZ, and they’ve just arrived in Hamilton. […]

5 ideas to try while you’re stuck in traffic

Forget the road rage, we’ve got a few better options to help pass the time while stuck in traffic After a month in lock down I almost forgot what it was like to be stuck in the infamous Auckland traffic. We replaced automotive traffic with foot traffic. Our biggest concerns became avoiding all other bubbles, […]


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